Kristina’s Skin Blog- Chelation Week 3

There have definitely been some highs and lows to this experience. My latest DMSA chelation for mercury was last Friday and I felt very tired and foggy for the day afterward. The weekend was quite social and busy, so I would imagine I would feel better today if I hadn’t had 3 glasses of prosecco the day after my chelation. In general I feel sluggish, my food sensitivities are intensified (tried to sneak a little cheese in-what a mistake!) and my skin is quite red and bumpy all over, with some deeper hormonal acne along the chin and jawline. Brian gave me a Laser Genesis and I am using our acne line by Dermaquest as well as Keys to keep my skin calm.

I will end this week with another lead chelation, followed by a Myers cocktail IV the next day to replenish some of the vitamins and minerals that are being depleted during this process. I am looking forward to that boost!!

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