Maintain Clear, Vibrant, Healthy Skin All Summer Long!

We are now offering our best rates on summer treatments and packages to keep your skin glowing and protected all season long. Our summer series treatments focus on protecting, hydrating, clarifying and boosting your skin with vitamin and mineral infusion facials, collagen-stimulating laser wavelengths, micro-needling and physician-injected Botox, dermal filler and micro-injections. 

Summer Series Promotion- Our summer-safe treatment options deliver optimal results in a series of 3-4 treatments on their own or in combination with each other depending on your skin condition and goals. Ask us for more details about what is right for you!
XL Laser Genesis for Face $175 each (package of 3-4 $150 each) – Face & Neck (or Chest) $250 each (package of 3 or 4 $200 each)
Titan Skin Tightening Infrared Laser for Face $550-$650 each (package of 2-3 $450-$500 each) – Face & Neck (or chest) $650-$800 each (package of 2-3 $500-$650 each)
Deep Dermal Laser Tightening with XL Genesis Combo for Face $450 each (package of 3-4 $350 each)- Face & Neck $550 each (package of 3-4 $450 each)
RevitaPen Vitamin Infusion Facials- customized to exactly what your skin needs $225 each (package of 3-4 $175 each)- Face, Neck & Chest Treatment $350 each (package of 3 or 4 $250 each)
Skin Pen Precision Micro-Needling/Collagen Remodelling for Face $400 each (package of 3-4 $350 each) – Face & Neck $500 (package for 3-4 $400 each) – Face, Neck & Chest $600 each (package of 3-4 $475 each)
VOLITE by Juvéderm® is a skin conditioning Hyaluronic Acid (HA) treatment, that restores healthy amounts of HA and boosts internal moisture to hydrate from within. These treatments are an excellent way to reduce fine lines and increase firmness and luminosity. VOLITE is delivered via micro-injections by Dr Marie-Lousie Wessels and Dr Liz Thompson. $500 per syringe (package of 2 or more syringes $400 each) – the regular cost per syringe is $600 each . * 2 + syringes are typically used to treat the lower face or neck and the results last up to 9 months. 
*All packaged treatment series are billed as you go with the first treatment being charged as full individual cost and subsequent treatments being offered at the package savings rate with cost reduced as you go. 
Not valid with any other offers. Promotion running until September 30th with the last treatment being completed before October 8th, 2021.

As always, we offer our best rates on laser, medical facials, Botox, PRP/F and dermal filler treatments when taking advantage of more than one service with us. Free Zoom consultations are available to help you determine your optimal skincare plan.

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