Who we are

Our Philosophy

Clear, healthy skin reflects internal health and wellness…

Offering integrative care means looking at each client holistically, delivering long-term skin health, age management and general wellness results.

What you put on your skin effects long-term skin health…

We promote daily skin care that is simple, natural and chemical-free whenever possible and always apply pure minerals to protect, correct and hydrate the skin.

Protect your skin from overexposure to the sun…

Understanding how effective and safe your sun protection products are is key. We promote “pure” sun block with antioxidants for optimal protection and the highest safety ratings.

Treat your body well and your skin will benefit…

You can maintain clear, healthy, hydrated skin by reducing your intake of refined sugars and alcohol, knowing and avoiding your food sensitivities, drinking plenty of pure water, detoxifying seasonally with full-body cleansing and enjoying an active, balanced lifestyle.

Treatment options with education and integrity…

It is our job to be sure our clients & patients thoroughly understand their options, we are always available via email at info@clearskinvictoria.com for further information on a product or a treatment, after we have met in your complimentary consultation.

Our Team

Kristina Hewlett is the founder and director of Clear Skin Victoria. Her philosophy for the clinic includes offering a customized and supportive approach to healthy skin and ageing that takes into account the whole person and their lifestyle, products that aren’t full of toxic chemicals and treatment options that deliver a healthy, natural result. Whether it is Kristina’s 20 years of skin care experience including extensive knowledge of medical lasers, micro-needling, dermal filler and injectable consulting and skin care product development or as her training and experience as a certified nutrition and health coach, Kristina’s desire to educate her clients and help them make healthy, long-term choices with their skin care and nutrition sets her apart from other professionals in the industry.

Kristina directs Clear Skin Victoria’s business and operations in addition to conducting the information/consultation sessions and skin health and nutrition assessments. Her laser, skin care and wellness practice is focused and specialized in medical micro needling, acne/rosacea therapy and reactive/allergic skin conditions, assistance in physician-administered injectables and the age management, laser resurfacing treatments, Pearl, Pearl Fractional and Pearl Fusion.

Kristina is also the founder of ResetWell.com, the clinic’s signature online program for clearing skin conditions and slowing down the ageing process. The ResetWell Program focuses on nutrition, lifestyle and mindfulness techniques to support patients in achieving optimal, long-term skin health results.

Marie-Louise is passionate and highly skilled in cosmetic medicine and long-term, natural-looking injection results. Her passion, advanced techniques,  expertise and client-care is very apparent in her injectable outcomes and is reflected by her loyal patient following that trust sitting in her cosmetic chair. As a physician she has split her time as a hospitalist and in cosmetic medicine since 2007.

Marie-Louise directs our medical laser treatments, referrals and prescriptions. She is the attending physician in our more advanced, ablative laser procedures in addition to cosmetic Botox, dermal filler and Belkyra/meso skin health, age management and beauty therapies.


Dr. Liz Thompson is a perfect example of our natural approach to medical injections and brings a gentle, nurturing touch to patients being treated in her chair. She is a highly experienced and well educated expert in the most up-to-date treatment techniques for natural results in Botox, dermal fillers, and mesotherapy/micro needling as well as an expert in sclerotherapy for spider veins.

Dr. Thompson and Dr. Wessels have partnered at Clear Skin Victoria working closely with all our patients having cosmetic injections and supporting our medical laser practice as well as being hospitalists together at Victoria General Hospital.

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Alanna is currently on Maternity Leave. Alanna is a Licensed Esthetician and Certified Cutera Medical Laser Technician. She is passionate about the laser and medical skin health field and loves being part of a team of professionals that work collaboratively to help clients achieve their best skin and age management goals. Alanna focuses on the clinic’s medical and laser facial procedures, laser hair removal and Venus Legacy body sculpting. Outside of the clinic, she winds down by getting a good sweat on with yoga, reading and watching anything “true-crime”, and training for her next hiking adventure.