Clear Skin’s Top 5 Self Love Rituals

Clear Skin’s Top 5 Self Love Rituals
1. Feed your body high quality, nutrient-dense, whole foods and choose skin,  body and home cleaning products that are healthy and eco-friendly. Take time to shop locally and show gratitude for Vancouver Island farms and businesses. 
2. Pay attention to the things you love about yourself and keep your focus there.  We all have things about ourselves we don’t love or that make us self-conscious, send those parts a little t.l.c. each day, but only focus on and appreciate all that is fabulous about you. Write yourself a love note and pop in on your mirror so you can read it each day. 
3. Find your happy places and happy people and be there with them as often as you can. Don’t waste time on toxic relationships that bring you down. There are so many beautiful places and wonderful people in Victoria. Let your community lift you up and bring out those mutual loving feelings.
4. Sit down and write out a clear list of all the things that are going well in your life and that make you happy. Seeing this list in your journal can help you get clear on what you already love about yourself and your life and can help attract more of it. 
5. Get clear on your budget and create your personal health and beauty routine from there. A few great products, a skin treatment plan, a monthly massage, a great hairstylist. It all adds up and can feel stressful and overwhelming. Get clear on what you need, what you can spend and schedule an annual plan that works for you. 

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