Acne can be one of the most challenging conditions to cure. Clients often arrive at Clear Skin frustrated after years of unsuccessful drug therapy, irritating product use, and recurring outbreaks. Some causes and factors in acne that determine how to treat it effectively are diet, hormones, stress, inflammation, dehydration, toxins, food sensitivities and environmental exposure.

At Clear Skin Laser & Wellness Group, we offer comprehensive acne therapy with customized medical laser treatments, medical facials, radiofrequency micro-needling, and skin care products designed to heal acne gently and not harm the skin’s barrier.  Medical prescriptions are always an option in our acne treatment plans but are often not required with our holistic treatment plans. By exploring internally and externally, we can heal the skin and support long-term results and wellness. 

To support healing acne from a holistic, internal perspective, we offer nutrition and lifestyle consultations to create optimal dietary plans (including what you should eat, not just dietary restrictions), mindfulness practices, treatment and daily skincare routines. A skin health assessment designed to determine the root cause of acne will be used to create a RESET SKIN PLAN that focuses on supporting each client with their specific needs.