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Most of you that have met me in a skin health consultation or through treatments know my passion for healthy skin, age management and pure skin care. What some of you don’t know is how hard I have struggled with my skin over the years and continue to battle with an inflammatory skin condition. Frequent treatments with Laser Genesis, chemical-free and mineral skin care and a variety of naturopathic remedies have helped to keep my condition under control, but I have never felt truly healed from my skin and health issues. Through the care of Dr. Katie Branter, ND and Kristen Bovee, ND we have discovered that I have high toxicity levels for mercury and lead in my body.

As it turns out, this explains recurring digestive issues, candida and nervous system stress (ha mom, I knew I wasn’t just worrying too much!). So, now that I have been tested and have some solid evidence of a cause for years of ongoing health issues, it is time to get these heavy metals out of my body, support my liver and create some balance in my system. My chelation and full-system cleanse will start today with a whole-food diet, shelving the wine for a couple months (sad face), homeopathic liver and kidney support and brown algae extract to prepare my highly sensitized system for IV chelation therapy starting in two weeks. Although I predict I will not look like the poster girl for Clear Skin Victoria as my body reacts to this detox (thank goodness for Colorescience mineral makeup to hide my acne), I do have hope that once it is all over I will start to feel like this body of mine can function normally again (it has been so long, I’m not sure I know what that will feel like). I have decided to blog my experience and hopefully have some very positive results to share with you.

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