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Metal Chelation and Myer’s Cocktail Week 4

I think I am starting to make some progress with the chelation as my post-IV skin reactions are not as severe. The acne and rash on my skin has healed substantially, which of all things makes me the happiest (priorities right!?) I do feel my immune system is a little out of balance and I ended up with a sinus infection that lasted over a week. When the infection started I felt horrible, so I switched my last chelation to have the IV Myers vitamin cocktail first. It took about an hour and besides the initial needle going in and some pressure or aching in the area, the session was very comfortable. I was so under the weather that day it was hard to imagine anything making me feel better. The first sign of overall improvement I noticed was in my energy and the strong desire I had to call my girlfriends to make plans to go dancing that evening (which I had enough sense not to do). Considering I had intended to have the treatment and then go directly back to bed, I was pleasantly surprized at how energetic I felt and was able to accomplish a lot that day. No nap for this working mom!

Three days later I had another lead chelation with EDTA which I am finding is a little less aggressive on the system than the DMSA mercury chelation. I breezed through this treatment without any loss of energy or acne in the days to follow. I will be sure to clarify with Dr. Bovee if this means I am clearing the metals and have less toxicity to release. I sure hope so!!

I am continuing to use Dermaquest Rejuvaderm to prevent or treat the breakouts on my chest and face and am thrilled that I am doing so well with this product (most acid-based treatment products will cause excema or extreme rash on my delicate skin).

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