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Week 6

Since my last entry I have had another IV Myer’s Cocktail, an EDTA IV push for lead chelation and my 3rd mercury chelation with DMPS.

I just learned that it has been DMPS (a much stronger chemical chelator) that Dr. Bovee has been using for the mercury detox. The DMSA was only administered orally in the first session to determine how much heavy metal was in my system.

I am doing very well with the EDTA and feeling great after my Myer’s vitamin IVs (I highly recommend these for everyone to boost the immune system), but the DMPS has been really hard on my system.

Dr. Katie Branter has recently completed her IV certification so she was able to give me the latest IV push in our clinic. She started with a glutathione injection and then changed over to the slowly administered DMPS injection that took about 15 minutes in total. I felt nauseated about half way though the DMPS and within a few hours every muscle in my body was aching. I decided to push through and do a 60 minute Moksha Flow class that was pure torture to get through, but it actually felt better than sitting still. I had a restless night with very little sleep, but after attending another hot yoga class today and increasing the kidney and liver detox remedies that Dr. Branter has me on, I feel almost normal again. Aside from a few rashes popping up on my hands and back and a few breakouts, my skin has remained quite clear with the ongoing help of our acne management treatments.

It was suggested that I have one more DMPS injection and several more EDTA but I am hoping that I can switch to ALA (alpha-lipoic acid), cilantro and chlorella (all great natural chelators) along with a few more EDTA injections. I hope Dr. Bovee and Dr. Branter agree!

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