Happy New Year!

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog entry and I am happy to report that both my skin (not one rash or breakout over Christmas) and general health have hugely improved since the start of the chelation/detox process. I have continued to gently chelate the heavy metals, support my liver and kidneys and re-build my gut flora through chlorella, homeopathic kidney drainage, cilantro tincture, alkalize-buffered vitamin C & mineral immune support and HMF Intensive pro-biotic (all available at the Clear Skin naturopathic dispensary). The final step will be the removal of my three mercury fillings with Dr. Dino Paulos mid-January followed by an increased dose of my current remedies and one last IV chelation for both mercury and lead. I have to admit I have been putting the dental work off (it is not my favorite way to spend an afternoon), but better late than never. I am feeling very optimistic about my health and my skin. I will keep you posted on the filling removal process and final chelation treatments.

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