Five Winter Skin Care Tips – From The Inside Out

Feel and look your best in 2012 with a few health tips…

Drink water. Hydrate your skin for that healthy glow. Carry a non-plastic, reusable bottle with you at all times.

Take chlorella & trace minerals. Boost immune function, reduce inflammation, help eliminate toxins and promote alkalinity with these key supplements. *A few extra ionic trace minerals pre and post a night of overindulgence will greatly decrease the symptoms of a hangover.

Get plenty of omega 3 fatty acids. Slow down the aging process, restore moisture to dry skin and boost your mood. Wild salmon, algae and walnuts are great food sources, but supplements will be best this time of year.

Move your body. Vigorous exercise or hot yoga will flush toxins from skin, deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells and just make you feel great. Don’t forget to wash your face with a pure cleanser like Keys Island Rx or Dermaquest Glyco Gel Cleanser to avoid blocking the pores with sweat and makeup.

Pay attention to your digestive system. High quality digestive enzymes are key in preventing bloating and stomach pain and probiotics will keep your immune system strong during flu season (or if your are lucky enough to be heading south this winter, protection from tropical food and water bacteria).

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