Victoria’s #1 Alternative to a Traditional Dermatologist

Your Alternative To A Dermatologist in Victoria BC

When choosing between a dermatologist and a naturopathic dermatologist it is important to consider whether or not you are interested in treating a skin condition with medication or treating the internal health imbalance that is causing that skin condition. At Clear Skin Victoria we take both external and internal factors into account giving us the tools to heal the skin safely, naturally and with long-term results. Treating acne with antibiotics, Accutane, birth control pills or harsh topical prescriptions can provide results, but they can also cause further health issues and the acne often recurs when the patient stops using the drug therapy. In a naturopathic dermatology treatment protocol the doctor will test the patient’s hormones, liver, kidney and adrenal functions, digestion, gut flora and food allergies. Finding an imbalance in any of these major areas and correcting it will not only clear the skin but improve the patient’s overall health and vitality. Internal factors play a huge role in maintaining clear, healthy, youthful skin and that is what naturopathic dermatology focuses on. Combining naturopathic internal balancing with medical laser treatments, pure skin care products and exercise is the best way to achieve glowing, beautiful skin.

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As many already know, it is nearly impossible to book an appointment with a dermatologist in Victoria. First, you need a referral from your primary physician. This alone poses a problem for many people and so many cannot find a doctor in Victoria and are forced to take whoever is available at the walk-in clinic. Even if you are able to secure a referral, it can take 6 months or even longer to book an appointment with a dermatologist. Maybe that’s because BC pays dermatologists so much less than they can get in other parts of the country.

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