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Now that all the revelry and hype is over, here is our official CVV Magazine TO DO LIST of 2014 – no resolutions, no promises, no pressure. Just our top six picks to make you feel great in the new year!


Clear Skin Victoria is an a clinic that has been around for seven years. With an all female team, a wholistic rather than purely cosmetic approach to your skin, and one of the most beautiful offices you’ll ever see, Clear Skin Victoria is one of the most warm, welcoming clinics around. Started by Kristina Hewlett seven years ago, the clinic has a nothing but stellar reputation, and many long term regular clients who are walking billboards for Clear Skin’s ability to keep women and men looking their best. Hewlett started the clinic because of a personal tough go with acne; she discovered that a wholistic approach was much more beneficial in the long term than topical treatment methods on their own. “Although it may be less lucrative to cure from inside out,” laughs Kristina, “it provides the best results, and that’s what Clear Skin Victoria is all about.”

The clinic provides everything from naturopathic assessments to determine how to heal conditions from the inside out, to treatments for nail fungus to licensed acupuncture treatments, to botox, peels, and fillers, to organic skin care lines for every type of skin.

One of their newest treatments is micro-injection therapy called LightFill Redensity 1 – a treatment that involves dermal needling with a serum that hydrates, smooths and illuminates aged skin and diminishes fine lines. This is excellent for the hard to treat fine lines under the eyes, on the upper lip or the mid cheeks.

Over the years the clinic has expanded to keep up with clients’ needs, bringing on Dr Katie Branter, ND in 2011 to focus on the internal skin health and hormone balancing element of the clinic and offering clients an extensive naturopathic dispensary. “It has truly given us the opportunity to give our clients/patients holistic, long-term skin health and age management results,” says Hewlett.


I was able to experience one of their Laser Genesis Collagen Stimulation treatments, which Hewlett calls a “pre-Oscar” treatment, in other words, for those days that you want to look your absolute best. Thirty minutes of laying down while a laser warms your face, stimulating collagen production, healing and destroying acne bacteria, reducing pore size, fine lines, and redness is all it takes to come out looking absolutely fresh and having skin that feels like… well, a baby’s bottom.




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