Aging Gracefully And Naturally, But Not Without A Fight

Facial acupuncture involves a series of tiny needles inserted into certain areas of the face. There is a slight pinching or discomfort – the upper laugh line is particularly tender – but the sensation quickly subsides. After that initial pinch subsides, you are left with a warm, almost tingly feeling. The tingles are the result of an increase in qi (energy) and xue (blood) to the area. The needles also cause a “micro-irritation” under the skin, which helps to reduce wrinkles. Like most natural therapies, the result is subtle but with multiple sessions and a maintenance program, the benefit can be quite substantial.

Clear Skin’s acupuncturist, Chelsea Gimby, recommends a series of 10-12 successive sessions (once a week) with monthly follow-up sessions for maintenance.

Combine facial acupuncture with a medical milk peel to see skin health benefits such as smoother texture, reduction in fine lines and overall clarity.

Milk Peel & Facial Acupuncture Special $150

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