Our Results

Laser Genesis, Acne Therapy

Clear Skin Victoria owner/laser technician, Kristina Hewlett has suffered for years with recurring reactive acne flare ups (as seen in this photo). A combination of hormonal imbalance and food sensitivities/digestive issues are generally the cause for such reactions as well as sensitivity to certain product ingredients and chemicals. Kristina was treated with four Laser Genesis treatments spaced a week apart to reduce inflammation, redness and kill bacteria in the skin along with 100% natural skin care in combination with a probiotic and estrogen balancing supplement protocol and dietary plan with Dr. Katie Branter.

Pearl Fusion

Patient received full face Pearl Fusion and results are recorded at 6 weeks post treatment. The skin was completely healed at day six, post treatment. Results will continue to improve up to six months post treatment.

Rosacea Therapy, Photorejuvenation

Patient received four combination treatments for rosacea and sun damage that included Laser Genesis & CoolGlide for vessels and LimeLight (IPL). Results have lasted more than one year, with just a few small vessels starting to appear on the cheeks at 15 months post treatment. Patient was booked for one follow up combination treatment that resulted in complete clearance of vessels and diffuse redness.

Laser Hair Removal, Razor Burn

Pseudofolliculitis barbae is very common in men or women with curly hair and can cause bumps and irritation to the neck, face and commonly the bikini line in women. We were able to completely reduce neck bumps, acne and irritation after six sessions with CoolGlide laser hair removal (suitable for all skin colours).

Sensitive, Reactive Skin

This patient suffered from complete intolerance to any skin care products and frequent red, reactive skin infections (acneic rosacea). After 17 years of Rx cortisone use her skin would not accept any skin care products or SPF to treat her condition or protect her raw, thinned skin. With approximately 6 sessions of combination therapy including Laser Genesis, LimeLight and 100% natural skin care products, we were able to re-build her skin’s protective barrier, hydration levels and tolerance to treatment. Her healthy skin results have been maintained with Laser Genesis treatments in the spring and fall.

Hair Restoration

Hair re-growth was recorded after 6 month core hair restoration package and has been maintained through home-care hair paddle.