Our Clients

 I had filler to plump, balance and create a more desired bow shape in my lips and correct the dark circles under my eyes. Kristina and her team of Doctors and staff were absolutely fabulous. The time they took to study my face and decide what was needed and used the perfect amount of filler to ensure the natural glow of my face was not lost. I could tell from the minute i started my consultation, they were interested in making me look and feel my best, not making a buck. I’m thrilled with the outcome and love how natural it looks. I would never go elsewhere and continue to fly all the way from San Francisco to have this team work their magic!


My son had an awful case of toenail fungus which began with athletes foot. His doctor wouldn’t give him medication because it would be too hard on his liver. We tried several kinds of topical creams. After a year, nothing worked and the fungus was spreading to other toes. That’s when we heard about laser treatment. Libby at Clear Skin Victoria was amazing! She made my son feel very comfortable. After three short treatments the fungus was gone. We were so relieved! Libby was professional and knowledgeable and the laser treatment worked!

-Relieved Mom (Laser Nail Fungus Therapy)

I want to let everyone know how happy I am with Clear Skin Victoria! I never thought how much of a difference Laser Hair Removal could make to my skin! I used to have rapid re-growth on my upper lip and chin which drove me crazy but I was always too scared to see if Laser Hair Removal could work for me due to my brown skin tone. Libby educated me on all their treatment options and I have been beyond thrilled with the results they have provided.


-DD (Laser Hair Removal with CoolGlide nd:yag)

I am writing to talk about the great experience I’ve had at Clear Skin Victoria with both the staff and the treatments I’ve received.

From my first consultation with Kristina, I knew I had come to the right place. She really listened to what I had to say, the devastation I felt over my skin. She fully understood my feelings and even shared a story or two of her own. Having someone who really understood how I felt, made a big difference.

After time with Kristina I was given a treatment plan that worked within my budget; which included several treatments and products. It was great to have Clear Skin work within my budget and arrange payments. Just another way they show that it’s all about the skin!

I would not hesitate to recommend Clear Skin Victoria to anyone, is it has been such a great experience for me.

-LC (Peel with Laser Genesis Package)

I would whole-heartedly recommend Kristina and CSV Laser’s services to anyone with troubled skin. Kristina’s empathetic and effective approach rescued my acne-scarred skin. Kristina’s knowledgeable skin care advice coupled with the laser genesis treatments not only healed my skin but also prevented future breakouts. I will continue to use her services to maintain my clear complexion. Thank you Kristina and CSV Laser!

– BN (Laser Genesis and Limelight IPL with Keys Skin Care)

I just wanted to say “thank you” for your support, encouragement and outstanding customer service during my Pearl Fusion!

– LS (Pearl full face with Pearl Fractional for eyes, lower face and around mouth)

I can’t begin to tell you that the treatments you two did on my face has really boosted my confidence and it’s made me feel so much better about myself.  I am extremely happy with the work that you performed and I feel so much younger!!! You made me feel really comfortable and made me laugh (I hope I made you laugh too!) and that is important to myself also.  I love the products I have bought and used and I will definitely be recommending your clinic to anyone who is looking for treatment.  Thanks again for giving me back a piece of my life!

– TS (Juvderm dermal fillers and botox)

I have been self conscious about broken blood vessels on my chest and cheeks for years. I finally decided to book a consultation for my skin after sun damage became visible on my forehead and cheekbones in addition to the red spots. Kristina and Dr. Gordon made feel very comfortable from start to finish and within 4 sessions, I couldn’t believe the results. My skin tone is even, the vessels are completely gone and the large brown spots are now just the few freckles that I was born with. Thank you so much CSV Laser, I love my skin and have learned some very important tips to maintain this clear, healthy skin.

– JB (CoolGlide Vascular, Limelight IPL and Laser Genesis)

I have suffered from ingrown hairs in the bikini area for years. I now have a few blond hairs that are easy to maintain and Kristina was able to not only remove all the dark hair, but lighten my scars in the area as well. Thanks so much!

– TA (Prowave and CoolGlide Laser Hair Removal and Laser Genesis)

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with digestion, puffy eyes and IBS related issues. Kristina Hewlett encouraging me to change my diet helped to reduce bloating and lose weight, but I still suffered with irregularity, constipation, fatigue and brain fog.

 After years of work related stress followed by complications and side effects from a Copper IUD and then a switch to the birth control pill, I finally booked a full health package with Dr. Katie Branter.

She helped me understand how my symptoms were connected to the increased levels of estrogen and poor liver function. After a series of tests to confirm, she put me on a regimen of supplements for healthy adrenal, stomach and liver function. For the first time in my life I’m regular, have no bloating, feel clear headed, am not anxious, sleep through the night,  don’t need the help of sleeping aids to fall asleep, my skin looks smooth and clear and my puffy eyes have resolved. In short, I feel and look the best I’ve ever felt.

–DB (Naturopathic Skin, Gut & Hormone Health Package)