Treatment Education

Creating your optimal skin health plan.

Our Approach: 

We are here to support you through holistic guidance and education on all available treatment options. Our video consultation is designed to learn as much as possible about your skin and lifestyle from the comfort of your home with access to your skin care products and medications. Our clinical approach is backed by research, experience and medical expertise, but honours that no “one size fits all” treatment plan exists. 

Why Is This Important:

We want you to understand what your skin needs now and in the future and discuss ways to restore balance and maintain the healthiest, most refreshed version of yourself. It is essential to listen to your body and consider all aspects of your lifestyle, diet and stress when seeking a skin health or beauty treatment that is right for you. That is the primary purpose of the video consultation with our founder, Kristina Hewlett.

Introducing Kristina:

Kristina founded Clear Skin Laser & Wellness Group in 2007. She is a medical skin health and laser specialist and an integrative health and nutrition coach focusing on hormone and gut health. She shares a wealth of knowledge through her 16 years of international skin health training, medical assisting, designing injectables, laser and skincare plans and working alongside a team of physicians and naturopathic doctors.


The Fee:

The value you receive for the consultation fee is a thorough understanding of the best treatments, products and holistic choices for your skin health, lifestyle and budget. If you decide to proceed with a treatment plan at Clear Skin Laser & Wellness Group, your fee will be applied as a credit towards that first treatment.  


The Process: 

The first step is to book a skin analysis photo session at the clinic. This reveals the depth of pigmentation, vascular condition, structural issues and skin health and gives us the best foundation to work from. If you are unavailable to come in or not local to Victoria, we ask that you email pictures of your skin without makeup in natural light, one from the front and one from each side (photos will not be shared). 

Once Kristina reviews the photos, your online Zoom consultation will be booked. After an in-depth consultation for 30, 45 or 60 minutes (length of time is based on the area/s of interest), in most cases, you will be prepared to start a treatment plan after this video consultation. 

If your optimal treatment plan requires more complex medical injection options, an in-person medical consultation may be booked with the physician best suited for your treatment. This will often be booked along with the first steps of an injectable treatment plan.

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