Sunsetics Low Level Laser Hair Growth Treatment

What is Sunetics Low-Level Laser Hair Growth Treatment?

The Sunetics Laser uses Low-Level Laser (LLLT) to stimulate the hair follicles, healing them and helping them regrow into thick, normal sized hairs. This FDA cleared technology can be very effective and offers no pain, no drugs, no surgery and no side effects.

Our Sunetics core hair re-growth program includes 52 visits over a 6 month period. This treatment works best in patients that are at the beginning stages of hair loss.

Maintenance programs and drop-in sessions are available for hair regrowth stabilization and short-term programs for patients with temporary hair loss due to resolved stress or health issues.

The Sunetics Laser Paddle Brush portable, hand-held system is available for purchase or rent. This option allows flexibility for patients that travel or want to maintain the hair they have re-grown in the clinical program.