Pico Genesis


PICO Genesis™ is a powerful procedure that safely and selectively shatters pigment, reduces melasma and induces dermal disruption and collagen synthesis for true skin revitalization and skin texture improvement in just a few sessions.  

Even the most challenging skin types and pigmentary concerns can be addressed with a PICO Genesis™ series.

This is an advanced, yet gentle laser solution for the treatment of pigmentation and melasma with the combined benefits of two highly effective wavelengths. Pulses with the ultra-short picosecond (trillionths of a second) treat all skin types more comfortably, and in fewer treatment sessions than other laser solutions. 

PICO Genesis™ helps with:

  • sun damage & age spots
  • skin texture & tone
  • melasma
  • mild acne scars

How it works:

PICO Genesis™ targets and destroys pigment in your skin without causing damage to surrounding tissues. Using ultra-short picosecond pulses, the targeted pigment is broken up into smaller particles that are more easily eliminated by the body’s natural processes. Because it uses a non-thermal laser, PICO Genesis™ provides a comfortable treatment, results in fewer treatment sessions, and virtually no downtime; skin is left looking radiant with minimal to no redness or swelling.

For sensitive or rosacea-prone skin types, we often complete the treatment with an express Laser Genesis to calm redness deliver enhanced benefits.