Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal

Are you ready to say goodbye to a once-loved (or never loved) tattoo? At Clear Skin Victoria, we offer tattoo removal using the Enlighten™ laser system, a cutting-edge picosecond technology that delivers optimal results in fewer treatments. Featuring dual pulse durations (2 ns + 750/660 ps) and three unique laser wavelengths (532, 1064, 670 nm), enlighten has the power to clear all ink colours, variable ink particle sizes and densities.

During these quick procedures, the tattoo pigment absorbs the laser energy and is broken up into smaller and smaller particles which the body then gradually eliminates. Over a series of treatments, the tattoo is safely and efficiently cleared away or faded enough to start on a new tattoo, depending on your goal.

The Enlighten Three is different from other laser tattoo removal systems because it will more thoroughly and completely remove ink particles compared to other laser technologies. It features multiple wavelengths, including the first true-red picosecond wavelength and industry-leading specifications to address multicolour tattoos. Enlighten offers a robust, non-thermal, photomechanical effect with high-peak power and ultra-short pulse durations that shatter the targeted pigment without causing thermal damage to the surrounding tissue.

How many treatments will it take?

Minimum 4+, on average 6-10 depending on size, depth of ink, the colour of ink, and age of the tattoo.

How long is the treatment time?

Varies from 15 mins-45 mins depending on the size of the tattoo and patient tolerance. For arm/leg bands or occasionally larger tattoos, we will split the treatment into two separate sessions.

Is anaesthetic required?

Clear Skin Victoria’s customised laser tattoo treatment technique and post-care protocols make this procedure much more comfortable during and after the treatment. We do not use a topical anaesthetic; we use ice and a slower delivery that helps reduce discomfort in increases efficacy. Topical lidocaine cream can be added for pain management for larger areas before the treatment if needed. We do not offer in-clinic application of numbing cream before the treatment.

What is the downtime/recovery?

Approximately 5-7 days, give or take a day or two. Most common: swelling, bruising, and surface blistering.

What skin tones can be treated?

All Fitzpatrick skin tones can be treated.

What can I expect during a treatment?

Before beginning the laser treatment, we will cleanse the area to be treated with a disinfectant. We apply an ice pack on the area to provide comfort and counteract the sensation of laser treatment. The laser process involves passing a handpiece over the tattoo or affected skin. We stop and pulse the laser in small increments until the entire treatment area can absorb the laser energy. After the treatment is complete, the technician will cover the area with a restorative skin balm from CV Skin Labs. This is part of the recommended aftercare to hydrate and promote healing and may be purchased in the clinic.

How much does laser tattoo removal cost?

Between $100 and $500 per treatment, plus tax. The price varies depending on the size of the tattoo and the amount of time required.

What are the treatment risks?

The possibility of adverse effects such as discolouration, hyperpigmentation, blisters, and scarring is minimal and typically resolves over time. Still, as a physician-led medical aesthetic clinic, we significantly consider safety and effectiveness. Our expert laser technicians carefully estimate the fluence and wavelengths needed for your skin type and tattoo colours, understanding the power that laser absorption can have on the skin.

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