Deep Dermal XL Laser Tightening

Fine lines, dullness, lax and loose skin are all signs of the ageing process, but that doesn’t mean you can’t slow down and dramatically reduce these common signs of ageing! Deep Dermal Tightening with the Cutera Excel HR is a skin tightening treatment that uses light and heat energy from the Nd: YAG technology to create a uniform, compounded heating effect deep in the dermis. This gentle heating tightens existing collagen and stimulates the production of new collagen. When the energy penetrates deep into the skin to target the underlying connective tissue, it causes an immediate tightening of the skin which lasts for a few weeks after treatment. After a few weeks, the long term effects will start settling in as fibroblasts in your skin are signalled to produce new, healthy collagen leading to the tightening and lifting of the cheeks, neck, jawline or jowls. Whether you’re using it to prevent or treat, Deep Dermal Tightening can deliver results in a short series of 3-6 treatments spaced 2-4 weeks apart.

How does Deep Dermal Tightening work?

Deep Dermal Tightening, or DDT, works by pulsing heat into the dermal layer of the skin causing collagen to contract immediately, resulting in tighter, smoother, gravity-defying skin. Once the heat is delivered, your body will be stimulated to create new, healthier collagen which will begin to show a few weeks after treatment.

Does Deep Dermal Tightening hurt?

Along with having no downtime, DDT is also a very tolerable treatment with a bit of hot pinching managed by contact cooling on the hand piece and a general warming sensation.

What happens after a DDT treatment? Is there any downtime?

Immediately following the session, you may notice a rosy flush and a warm sensation but both generally dissipate within an hour. After we’ve applied a stimulating growth factor serum and mineral sun protection to the treated area, you’ll be able to return to regular activities with no other side effects.

How many treatments will I need? How often is the treatment performed?

The total number of treatments can vary person to person, but the average is 4-6 treatments. We find the best results are when treatments are done at three-week intervals. Depending on your desired results, skin type, condition and age, the number of treatments you’ll need will differ.

When can I expect results?

Since we’re creating a thermal injury response in the skin, you will see a short-term immediate result. The real results will settle in after about 6-8 weeks as your body works to build the new collagen and elastin bonds and replaces the old, weaker cells at the surface.

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