WHAT IS Belkyra™?

Injectable BELKYRA™ treatments are now available by Dr. Wessels and Dr. Thompson to treat submental fullness (chin fat, double chin) as an effective and permanent alternative to surgery. Using injections of deoxycolic acid, a fat-metabolizing agent found naturally in the body, BELKYRA™ treatments recontour the chin and jawline, permanently improving your facial profile in 1 to 3 treatments.



After determining if you are a suitable candidate for BELKYRA™ (enough fat present and targeted in right location), the treatment begins by thoroughly mapping the targeted treatment area. Injections of Belkyra are then gently eased into the targeted areas. Patients can expect a few days of social downtime involving minor swelling, bruising and tenderness. The treatment is repeated 2 to 6 times over the course of several months for optimal results.

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