Aerolase® Laser Therapy


The Aerolase NeoElite is an aesthetic medical laser that provides a premium patient experience unrivalled in dermatology and aesthetics. What sets Aerolase apart, is its uniquely gentle approach that offers complete skin rejuvenation in a safe, effective, and tolerable treatment for all skin types and tones. The technology attracts a combination of melanin, hemoglobin, and water in the skin tissue- contributing to your skin’s signs of aging. The laser energy passes through the skin to selectively heat these targets without adverse effects – resulting in clear, healthy skin. The 650-microsecond pulse eliminates discomfort during treatment and provides safe, highly efficacious patient results.

NeoSkin by Aerolase advances rejuvenation and tightening to new levels by enabling a comprehensive treatment to address tone and texture, redness, pigmentation, laxity, dark hair and other unwanted skin structures in a single treatment with a single device.

Treatment Experience

Once NeoSkin or NeoClear treatments are completed, you can return to your daily schedule without any need for downtime or recovery time. A degree of redness may be present, but this will soon fade. For a time, it will be necessary to avoid sun overexposure and to wear proper sunscreen as the skin tissues recover from the laser treatment.

Exact aftercare varies depending on the chosen treatment and combination therapies that could require longer healing time.

NeoSkin Revitalization

As skin ages, there can be many changes that occur. Skin quality can worsen with enlarged pores, textural imbalances, and laxity. Unwanted conditions such as redness, veins, sun damage, and age spots may appear. Acne may also follow through adulthood. Whether you want to restore your clear, youthful glow, correct pigmented issues, or prevent signs of ageing, NeoSkin treatments will help you achieve your skin goals.
This laser energy effectively, and tolerably renews the skin’s natural, youthful glow accomplishing the results of what used to take numerous treatments and treatment methods.

First, NeoSkin’s 650-microsecond energy targets water in the dermis to stimulate collagen production, which reduces fine lines, and pores, and tightens skin. Then, if present, NeoSkin targets melanin and hemoglobin to clear brown pigment and vascular lesions, and suppress inflammation. This quick, tailored treatment addresses each patient’s specific needs.

Treatment Time
NeoSkin treatments typically take 20-60 minutes, depending on what conditions are being addressed and how large the treatment area is (face, neck, chest).

NeoSkin Rosacea & Vascular Treatment

NeoSkin comprehensively addresses rosacea, redness, spider veins, and visible capillaries in each, 30-minute treatment session. A common condition with skin ageing is the appearance of redness and the formation of visible branches of veins and capillaries in the skin.

Rosacea is a chronic disorder characterized by facial flushing and, with time, the gradual development of persistent facial redness and spider-like blood vessels. It is often punctuated by episodes of inflammatory papules (bumps), pustules (pimples), and swelling. Management for many people often includes avoidance of popular foods and alcohol and following an anti-inflammatory diet. Topical medications are also commonly prescribed for the management of rosacea.

Other diffuse redness, including poikiloderma of civatte, may be attributed to other factors such as exposure to UV rays and lifestyle, which can also be addressed by the NeoSkin treatment.

The NeoSkin Rosacea treatment effectively addresses these conditions with deep-penetrating energy that suppresses the inflammation causing the redness. It also coagulates the unwanted veins and visible capillaries, which are then gradually cleared by the body’s natural immune response.

NeoClear Acne

Looking for a safe, effective, and tolerable treatment for acne? Look no further than NeoClear by Aerolase. This cutting-edge treatment offers patients of all ages and skin types a powerful solution to acne using advanced technology.

NeoClear is a unique acne treatment that addresses the major factors causing acne, including excess sebum production, inflammation, and the P. acnes bacteria. The 650-microsecond device delivers energy deep into the skin in a safe and tolerable pulse to reduce sebum production, suppress inflammation, and destroy acne bacteria to help clear current breakouts and prevent future ones. Moreover, the deep heating energy can help build collagen, which reduces the appearance of acne scars and leaves skin looking radiant.

NeoClear is a remarkable treatment option for those who do not want to take prescription medications or are unable to do so. It has no side effects, is very comfortable for patients, and provides quick results – sometimes after a single treatment.

Treatment Details
At Clear Skin Victoria, our NeoClear treatments typically take between 20 and 45  minutes, depending on the severity of the acne and the size of the area affected (face, neck, chest, or torso). This treatment does not require any cooling or topical anaesthetic. NeoClear by Aerolase is a comprehensive and effective solution to clear your acne and achieve radiant, beautiful skin. For optimal, long-term results, we recommend exploring a holistic approach that includes customized skin care products, anti-acne dietary plans, supplements and optional therapies for extractions and deeper scarring.

NeoSkin Melasma

NeoSkin Melasma by Aerolase is a comprehensive solution for patients of all skin types and tones to treat their melasma and hyperpigmentation effectively.

Melasma is a complex condition involving various factors such as epidermal melanin, dermal melanin, and a vascular component, making it difficult to treat and prevent recurrence. However, NeoSkin Melasma  offers a safe and effective treatment approach by addressing these factors.

The NeoSkin’s 650-microsecond laser energy is delivered into the dermis and epidermis, breaking up melanin deposits while shutting down vasculature and inflammation. This unique treatment approach is highly tolerable and poses minimal risks compared to traditional topical or device treatments for melasma.

Melasma management can be challenging and may require long-term treatment with topical agents. However, with NeoSkin, patients can achieve clearance with fewer treatments. Additionally, the NeoSkin can be combined with Enzyme Treatments in a single session to accelerate clearance. Combining these two treatments offers a safe,  comprehensive approach to clearing unwanted pigment.

Treatment Details
NeoSkin Melasma treatments are safe, effective, and tolerable for all skin types, tones and all forms of melasma. The treatment typically takes 15-20 minutes and can be performed year-round with proper sun protection.

NeoElite Laser Hair Removal

NeoElite Laser Hair Removal uses a combination of heat and energy to destroy the hair follicle without harming the skin around it.  The NeoElite laser offers patients a pain-free and gentle way to get rid of unwanted hair in small sensitive areas, ideally the face, bikini or underarms.  Most patients who other lasers have treated say that being treated with the Aerolase Neo Elite is much gentler and more pleasant.  During laser hair removal, the medium to dark hair must be in its growing phase to be successfully destroyed. This laser hair removal is limited to small treatment areas due to its small spot size. This is not suitable for larger areas such as the back or legs.

Treatment Details

At Clear Skin Victoria, our NeoElite Laser Hair Removal treatments typically take between 10 and 20  minutes, depending on the size of the area/s being treated (face, bikini, underarms).To ensure that all hair is effectively removed during the growing phase, you will receive a series of 6+ treatments spaced 4+ weeks apart.  This will successfully ensure maximum results.


  •  Are experiencing premature aging or want a more youthful appearance
  • Suffer from acne, skin congestion, excessive oil production or acne scarring
  • Want to manage rosacea and or experience vascular concerns such as spider veins
  • Want to address sun damage, hyperpigmentation or melasma
  • Want to improve the skin’s texture, clarity and glow
  • Are looking to reduce unwanted facial hair
  • Want skin health results that don’t make you sun sensitive or put you at risk of adverse effects because of your darker skin colour.

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