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A big part of what we offer at Clear Skin Laser & Wellness Group is researching and testing, results-driven, safe and “clean” skincare products from several medical-grade and natural/organic skincare lines. Here are some of our top performing products that we are approved to sell online. We have many more in-clinic that require a Zoom or in-person consultation before purchasing. Local residents can purchase online and schedule a quick pick-up at the clinic or we ship products once a week for any of our out-of-town clients. Feel free to call us if you have any product related questions or want to pick up samples from the clinic prior to purchasing.


Signature products by ResetWell

Good skin always starts from within, but toxin-free products that nourish, heal and protect are your best-supporting tools. These products were developed by Kristina Hewlett to help clients skin’s barrier with nourishing and healing ingredients to achieve healthy, glowing & clear skin.

Sensitive & Rosacea

Sensitive and reactive skin requires barrier repair and skin strengthening products. Digestion, diet, genetics and sun exposure also play a big role and can be discussed in a Reset Skin Consultation.


Acne-prone skin is not just an issue for adolescents and there are so many factors that effect skin health, grade of acne and choosing the right ingredients for treatment. Our holistic acne healing plans include finding the right products for individual skin conditions in addition to nutrition, supplements, lifestyle and treatment options. Our approach to topical products always supports barrier repair, healthy skincare and long-term benefits.

Sun Protection

Understanding how effective and safe your sun protection products are is key. We promote MINERAL sun block with antioxidants for optimal protection and the highest safety ratings.

Age Management

For healthy skin as we age there are several key ingredients that support our skin structure, barrier and hydration. A combination of clean, daily skin care rich in vitamin A,C, antioxidants, ceramides, plant-based nutrients and hyaluronic acid along with mineral-based sun protection are your best defense.


Pigmented spots from sun damage and hormonal melasma can be the trickiest to treat and keep at bay. We offer a combination of clinical-treatments that can be supported and maintained with daily use of safe, topical acid, antioxidant and melanin-suppresing ingredients.